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Are you looking for all things necessary to remodel your already beautiful home? Or are you someone who keeps themselves busy with DIY projects? Whatever may be the case, we at Home Depot offer all products possible for home improvements.

Home improvement products tend to get a little heavy on the pockets. Though we try our best to make our products available to you at reasonable prices, the prices may not be cheap. Therefore, we offer to you our store brand credit card.

If you are doubtful as to whether you should take our credit card, you should continue reading on as this articles provides you with the benefits as well as drawbacks of our personal credit cards and how to access your credit information.To access information of my Home Depot credit card account visit

The Home Depot credit cards

home depot card

home depot card

At Home Depot we offer two kinds of personal credit cards. Home Depot consumer credit card and How Depot project loan cards.

Home Depot consumer credit cards provide for every day financing of purchases above $299, 24 months financing during promotional season, zero liability for unauthorized charges, one year returns as well as discount options. The credit cards have no annual fee and late fees is only $39.

Home Depot project loan cards provide credit lines upto $55,000, a six months buying window, no interest rates and 84 months to pay off purchases. The credit cards have no annual fee and late fees is only $39 as well.

The article further provides for more differences between the two credit cards offered by us. To select the one right for you, continue reading on.

Home Depot consumer credit cards

The Home Depot customer credit card is a card branded by the store and issued by our partner Citibank. The card is more traditional in nature but can only be used in Home Depot stores. The card is beneficial for those individuals who make regular medium sized purchases. Citibank also offers to let you know if you qualify for the credit card without it effecting your credit score.

Consumers can also special financing offers which come along with the Home Depot consumer credit card. Special financing is a boon for anyone who cannot pay all the amount outright. The consumers have the option of paying back within a limited period of time with no interest.

Home Depot project loan cards

Home Depot project loan cards are cards that individuals can take up if they are dealing in large and hefty projects. They are not traditional credit cards, however, it helps you access funds from a consumer loan given by Home Depot parent company and the card can only used at Home Depot and

As mentioned above, the credit card gives it’s customers a large line of credit, 6 months to make purchases and close to 7 years to pay them back. A Home Depot project loan card will be beneficial for you if you have a considerable amount to spend on a project and do not want to pay any premium for the same.

Fees of Home Depot credit cards

There are different fees on different services when it comes to the different types of credit cards offered by us. As you are aware there is no annual fee charged, a late fee of $39, minimum interest rates for consumer credit cards.

Drawbacks of Home Depot credit cards

There are a few back draws of the home Depot credit cards as well, which have been iterated below-

  • The cards can only be used at Home Depot stores and
  • There are no cash back or rewards as incentives.
  • APRs on Home Depot consumer cards can be troublesome if you are carrying a balance already.

Reward-Based credit cards

Check out rates at Home Depot stores are usually more than other stores and for this very reason we try and offer solutions to ensure affordable APR’s.

However, we offer reward cards which have 0% APR rates, in case you do not need to spend huge amounts on the products.

If you choose reward cards, you can earn $150 statement credit is you make purchases above $1000, the card also has cash back incentives attached and there is no need to pay an annual fees.

How to apply for Home Depot credit cards?

While applying for home Depot credit cards online, you will be redirected to different pages for different type of card.

For the Home Depot consumer card, you will be redirected to the page for Citibank applications. In case of Home Depot project loan cards, you will be redirected to the page for THD loan/green sky applications.

In both of the above, all you will have to do is fill out the applications and submit them.

Log in and online account management

You can log into your account and check for your credit information at

This account management portal for Home Depot consumer credit cards allows cardholders to perform the following actions:

  • View account activity
  • View billing statements
  • Set up paperless statements and e-communications
  • Make a payment
  • Get exclusive offers
  • Activate account alerts

The account management portal for Home Depot project loan cards allows cardholders to perform the following actions:

  • Check account status
  • Make payments
  • Enroll in automatic payments
  • Request a payoff
  • Request copies of loan documents


From the above, you know that Home Depot offers two types of credit cards for it’s customers. The Home Depot consumer credit card and the Home Depot project loan card. It is upto you to decide while credit card to choose and apply for in accordance with your needs. There are plenty of benefits attached to these cards and this can make your home improvement experience as easy and simple as possible. There are basic drawbacks to the cards which will not be of consequences if your projects require all that we can give. In case you do not want to get the credit cards, we also offer reward cards. You can also get any information regarding your credit account at